Meet Jonathan Webb


In 1996 Jonathan began his service career in the United States Marine Corps. In 2000 Jonathan transitioned to the United States Army to further his war fighting skills and liberate the people of Iraq. Jonathan also served as a civilian contractor with Blackwater USA in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jonathan served in Iraq for four years and Afghanistan for one year.

After leaving the service, Jonathan wanted to find another way to help people. He discovered that there were successful families and businesses that needed charitable planning strategies, tax deferral strategies, and cash flow planning strategies. Jonathan’s clients are looking for more efficient ways to give to their favorite charities, defer taxes and make the payments on their large portfolios of life insurance. Jonathan co-founded Charitable Advisors Network with Brian George. He also built Capital Max Insurance to provide customized cash flow solutions called premium and private financing.

While in Baghdad, Jonathan co-founded Iraqi Children Foundation in 2007 and in 2016 he founded Orphans of War to help the most vulnerable children in Iraq.

Jonathan lives in Gig Harbor Washington with his wife Ann. They have 4 children.

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